Improve Sales Performance

Improve Sales Performance

Mercuri International will support you in achieving powerful sales performance. Together with clients, our consultants define the desired results and measure the return on investment
Customized Sales Training

Customized Sales Training

We design and deliver customized solutions nationally and globally with hundreds of consultants who all have a strong background in sales.
Sales Management in Focus

Sales Management in Focus

Your Sales Managers are crucial to your organisation's sales success. Mercuri International can show you how to get the best from them.
Blended Learning

Blended Learning

With Blended Learning we offer our customers customized, motivating blended courses with a unique mix of classroom training and e-learning modules.
International Sales Projects

International Sales Projects

Effective, harmonised international projects are not just a sequence of standardised seminars in different languages. The specific selling situation/strategy and possible different local performance levels must be considered.
Mercuri International’s Global Sales Excellence Survey 2017

Mercuri International’s Global Sales Excellence Survey 2017

Mercuri International’s global survey uncovers secrets of sales excellence

Taking Sales to a Higher Level

Smarter Social Selling

Smarter Social Selling

The office environment is dominated by a tense silence. All of the sales representatives are sitting at their desks, gazing mesmerised at their monitors and typing with great concentration on their keyboards. The sales manager smiles as she walks past the rows of employees, checks the CRM system and notes that none of her colleagues have a meeting today and will not be out of the office. She sits back in her chair, pleased with herself that the new strategy is working.

Sounds strange? At first glance, yes. And it seems even more strange when you see what the sales representatives are actually doing at their desks:

  • They are updating their social network profiles.
  • Writing blog entries.
  • Commenting on posts.
  • Preparing their own posts and tweets.

Change in the decision-making process

But this behaviour makes sense if we consider that customer information and decision-making behaviour has changed radically over the last few years.

"Customers now complete around 60% of the decision-making process before they even speak with a sales person from a potential supplier."

Google call this phase prior to the first contact the `zero moment of truth' (ZMOT)*........9 out of 10 decision-makers start out their decision-making process on the internet.

Mercuri - LinkedIn Approved Training Partner

Mercuri International is a LinkedIn approved training partner and can provide your sales teams with training in LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator – a tool used for social selling.

Social selling – why is it important?

Social selling is becoming more and more important. The buying process has changed – the potential customers search for lots of information themselves before contacting a potential supplier.

75% of B2B buyers use social networks to research products

Apart from feeding the potential customers with information, it’s also important to get access to the right people, establish, and maintain a relationship with them.

90% of decision-makers say they never respond to cold outreach

Social selling – what is it?

Social selling is about:

  1. Creating a professional brand
  2. Finding the right people
  3. Engaging with insights
  4. Building strong relationships

How Mercuri can help you

LinkedIn has a tool which is made for social selling – the Sales Navigator. This is the tool that Mercuri International can teach you how to benefit from.

With the Sales Navigator you will be introduced to the following:

  • Social Selling overview
  • Social Selling benefits
  • Social Selling how-to
  • Engagement cues
Smarter Social Selling