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Do virtual training sessions really work?

Virtual training can be a great option for upskilling, reskilling and even onboarding. They offer the convenience and flexibility of being able to participate from anywhere with an internet connection.

How can sales training be made sustainable?

  • Incorporating ongoing training and coaching, creating, at the same time, a culture of learning inside the organisation: By making training a continuous process rather than a one-time event.
  • Making the training relevant and practical: By ensuring that the training is relevant to the salespeople's roles and the products or services they are selling.
  • Measuring and tracking progress: By assessing the effectiveness of the training and be aligned on the progress made and on which areas improvements should be made.

Sales Training

What is the difference between a sales concept and a sales strategy?

The sales concept lays the foundation for the strategy, outlining key elements such as the customer buying and selling journey, control processes, and organizational structure for the sales process.

What is the modern concept of sales?

The modern sales concept typically incorporates a customer-centric approach, which means putting the needs and wants of the customer at the forefront of the sales process. It includes using data and analytics to understand customer behaviour and preferences and using technology to personalise the sales experience.

What does a (Key/Global) Account Manager do?

Account Manager is in charge of taking care of their clients who are, at times, in different areas or regions. Global account managers look at the company's sales performance and recommend action steps to improve performance.

What is (key) account management?

Key Account Management (KAM) is the process of creating and overseeing a mutually advantageous partnership between an organization and its crucial clients.

What is meant by Field Sales Management?

Field Sales Managers supervise a group of sales representatives who work remotely or out in the field. Their responsibilities include training sales personnel, executing marketing plans, and monitoring the sales team to ensure compliance with protocols and attainment of sales targets.

What does an Inside Sales Manager do?

He manages and leads a team of inside sales representatives, who typically sell products or services over the phone or online.

What is Inside Sales Management?

Inside Sales Management is the process of leading and overseeing a team of inside sales representatives. These representatives typically sell products or services over the phone or online, and the goal of an inside sales manager is to ensure that their team is reaching or exceeding sales targets and quotas.

What does a sales manager do?

Sales manager is responsible for leading and heading a team of sales representatives. Beyond recruiting and training new members, sales manager sets sales goals, analyzes data and creates training programs for salespeople.

What is the difference between distribution sale and sales?

Distribution sale refers to selling a product through a distribution channel, such as a wholesaler or retailer, rather than directly to the end consumer. Sales, on the other hand, refers to the overall process of selling a product or service, which can include distribution sales as well as direct sales to consumers.