About us

About us

We’ll release the potential of the talent inside your company to help you grow and thrive.

Mercuri International

Mercuri International are sales training experts. Operating in over 50 countries,
we tailor our training around your specific needs, and our experts on the ground are
there to help you implement them in the real world. Together, we’ll release
the potential of the talent inside your company to help you grow and thrive.


To deliver sales performance to organizations globally and locally through expertise and customized solutions.


By being the leading global expert we empower organizations and people to achieve sales excellence.

Our core values

As an international company with many different cultures and customers, Mercuri International believes in having a common cultural platform that forms the basis for our actions towards each other, customers and stakeholders. We aim to live our REACH values, internally as well as in all the work we do.

Result Oriented – Excellence in sales – Ability to change – Collaboration – Honesty and Integrity

Our history

When Mercuri International began in the 1960s, our founder, Curt Abrahamsson noted, “The objectives for our services should, above all, be to produce concrete results for the customer.” Everything we’ve done since then applies this simple mantra, the mantra of sales – customer first.

While we’re proud of our long history, we are laser focused on the future – always thinking about how our unique combination of sales training, consultancy, and research can have real-world impact by solving our customers’ problems – helping to build great sales results, both today and tomorrow.

There are many training providers out there, but at Mercuri we know that you can only achieve sales excellence by inspiring your teams, investing in their success and working continuously together on the ground to implement that training.

It’s about so much more than just delivering training to our customers. Due to our extensive, ongoing research, we always innovate training programs and implementation methods that are customer-specific and relevant and work alongside our customers to ensure that the skills learned are applied in the very best way in the real world. In sales, true innovation is about more than technology. It’s about using that technology in smarter, more sustainable ways to engage, inspire, and educate. By combining global reach with local expertise we put cutting edge sales techniques into play around the world, supporting and working side-by-side with customers to help grow their people – and grow their business.

Our History

When Swedish industrialist Curt Abrahamsson founded Mercuri International in the 1960s, he was motivated by a strong drive to empower organisations in making their strategy happen. The company started out of an association with Heinz Goldman of the Goldman Institute. The success of Mercuri International’s result focused methods turned this initially Scandinavian sales training company into the global player it is today.

Mercuri International’s success is a direct result of the work of our handpicked experts alongside with strong values and mission.

Our achievements go side-by-side with those made by our clients. That is what makes us a leading player globally and locally.

Mercuri has been owned by Bure Equity, a Swedish investment company, since 1997. Through organic growth and acquisitions Mercuri Group has established itself as the leading Sales Consulting and Result Improvement company in the world.


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