Digital Sales Training For Professionals

A rich catalog with World class online for sales teams, leaders and professionals.

The versatility of Hybrid learning

A hybrid learning approach combines customized content with off-the-shelf resources, blending instructor-led and learner-led elements. The focus is on modularity and flexibility, catering to diverse learning needs and optimizing time and budget. This adaptability extends to format changes, such as shifting from face-to-face to virtual sessions, ensuring seamless learning experiences regardless of circumstances.

MIpower, the Sales Enablement Platform

Equip your teams with the world’s best sales training content – giving them the expertise to build relationships and close deals like never before.

Leverage on MIpower, our digital sales enablement platform. Whether adapting to market shifts or fitting your schedule, it equips sales people with essential skills. Plus, if you lack a LMS, you can always rely on it for user-friendly and smooth learning experiences.

Optimise your Team’s learning

Choose customised, curated or off the shelf learning modules to suit your team’s goals.

Tips, Tricks & Essentials

Pro tips from the most experienced sales minds on the planet.

Interactive Learning

Immersive experiences to boost learning engagement and knowledge retention.

Scenario Based

Real world sales scenarios to develop active problem solving and closing skills.

Micro Learning

Short, mobile friendly modules to learn on the go, or combine with deeper training.

Gamification Based

Add an element of fun through scores, levels, and rewards to help learners reach their goals.


On or offline mentored learning experiences including exercises, role play and discussions.

Results That Speak For Themselves

Velux says:

“…We can really see it has
improved our virtual
sales processes and given
our people a much-needed
motivation boost
during this difficult period.”

ABB says:

“Mercuri always brings the
guaranteed B2B
sales credibility and
challenge ABB requires
to help raise our solution
and Value Based Selling
skills to world-class…”

Campari says:

“We discovered (Mercuri’s)
capability to play global
and act local – to follow
a single person and
to give us a digital solution…”

Create the Perfect Learning Package

Build your team’s custom online training in a number of ways.

Off the Shelf

Pick’n’mix fastrack modules proven to level-up the skills sales teams need right now.


Work with our experts to craft exclusive learning paths, branded to your business.

Fully Customised

Custom-designed professional content that focuses on specific skill development.

Content for your sales teams


Empower all your people with the skills they need to grow – and reach their full potential


Successful sales start before you even meet the customer – these are the strategic building blocks of better sales


The skills your people need on the front line to convert prospects

Leadership & management

Great teams need great leadership, so we help you get the very most from your most valuable asset – your people

Unlock your potential

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