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The world of sales changes fast. Your teams deserve training that keeps them one step ahead.


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We assess and determine the perfect training program for your organization - relevant content that your teams can engage with in the format they love.

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Training is only half of the story - we actively assist you to implement sales skills in the real world, whether digital or in-person. We are invested in your success.

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We coach across teams and borders - helping you to build a strategy for sales excellence that works across the entire company, wherever teams are based.

Why Mercuri International?

We help you to build great sales results, both today and tomorrow. At Mercuri International, we know that you can only achieve sales excellence by working continuously together on the ground to implement that training, inspiring teams and being invested in their success. We provide the cutting-edge training on a local or global level, wherever you are, supporting you to grow your people & grow your business.



At Mercuri, we know that the world of sales doesn’t stand still - so neither does our offering. We assess, personalize, deploy and nurture - and then repeat - for outstanding real world results. And with Mercuri Research we’re focused on developing the skills you’re going to need tomorrow, not just today.


Sales training programs

Whether it’s digital, personalized or instructor led training – we create advanced innovative learning solutions, specifically tailored to your needs.

Empower all your people with the skills they need to grow - and reach their full potential. We develop the skills of your team through our professional development trainings. Discover how to professionally listen and communicate or manage time more effectively - all to grow your team, and your business. View our training library to see all trainings.

  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Presentation skills

Successful sales start before you even meet the customer. Planning is essential to pave the way for successful sales and reach the set targets - we bring you the strategic building blocks to achieve it. Mercuri's sales planning trainings cover all from opportunity management and sales activity planning to omni-channel sales. View our training library to see all trainings.

  • Competitor analysis
  • Sales activity planning
  • Opportunity management
  • Key account management

All the critical skills your people need on the front line to convert prospects - whether online or in person. In the ever-evolving business environment, its crucial to make sure your teams stay ahead of their competition. We provide the right tools and knowledge to fill those skills gaps. Our sales execution training programs include everything from the basics of selling to handling price negotiations, social selling, remote selling and more. View our training library to see all trainings.

  • Value based selling
  • Remote selling
  • Negotiation skills
  • Excellence in customer experience

Great teams need great leadership and management. We help you get the very most from your most valuable asset - your people. Appreciated leaders know how to both inspire their team, but also steer the team in the right direction and getting tasks done. View our training library to see all trainings.

  • Effective leadership
  • Leadership in the field
  • How to motive your team
  • How to delegate

More happy clients

"Our Academy, powered by Mercuri, is adding real value to customer engagement processes."


"At Toyota, we place high demands on our leaders and therefore we have very high demands on the consultants we work with in leadership development. Mercuri has become a close partner in our pan-European leadership program and is appreciated by all our participating leaders. In addition to having a high uniform level of their deliveries, they are very easy to work with and take clear responsibility and ownership for their parts in the program"

Fredrik Fjellstedt


"We can immediately see the impact of Mercuri’s Selling At My Best. We have had the highest engagement scores in the history of the company – 91% compared to a previous best of 81%. Our year on year result is 40% up compared to the same time last year."

Dan Buckingham

Virgin Holidays



AI has been around for a while, but since ChatGPT launched in November ‘22 it has exploded into every corner of the business world. Mercuri International has created a report that explores its huge potential - and how to avoid some of the ethical and practical issues it raises.

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