AI – Everything you need to know

AI has been around for a while, but since ChatGPT launched in November ‘22 it has exploded into every corner of the business world.

What's next

Mercuri International has created reports that explore the huge potential of AI - and how to avoid some of the ethical and practical issues it raises.

AI and sales

How to boost sales productivity with artificial intelligence

Discover three human abilities that can be enhanced and given superpowers through artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI.

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AI for sales professionals

The third and last report gives an overview of various AI-based tools and solutions available in the market for B2B sales. From prospecting and audience analysis to measuring customer satisfaction. Let's embark on the journey.

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AI in sales

Navigating the new era with Advanced Intelligence. Take an overview of just some of the topics covered in our latest comprehensive report on the application of AI in sales.

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AI for HR professionals

The second AI report will delve into potential, opportunities and risks in the HR field - from recruitment to sales coaching and beyond. Change is here to stay.

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Get the most from AI possibilities

Take a broader view of the possibilities of AI for HR, sales, or marketing professionals.

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AI-driven people management

Harnessing AI for recruitment, skills development, and sales coaching.

The HR landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation, shifting from administrative tasks to strategic roles. Discover and harness the AI potential for HR professionals. From recruitment to sales coaching and beyond.

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AI for marketers

In the first section of our full AI report, we explore the specific potential that AI tools hold for marketers. From content creation to automation to analysis - it’s all here.

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Get started with AI for marketing

Not sure where to start with AI for marketing? We’ve got 10 top tips for AI best practice to guide you in the right direction.

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Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

The impact of artificial intelligence on B2B marketing is undeniable, presenting a wealth of opportunities for growth and innovation. However, to really take advantage of AI’s vast potential, it’s critical that businesses define a clear strategy as to how to deploy it.

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AI within sales

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Mercuri International Research assists managers and firms in achieving sustainable organic growth through extensive research efforts. With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving business landscape, Mercuri International Research provides invaluable insights and strategic guidance to empower organisations to pursue long-term success.

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AI driven marketing

We delve into the distinct possibilities that AI tools offer to marketers. This encompassing report covers a wide range of areas, including content generation, automation, and data analysis, presenting a comprehensive overview of available tools and the potential benefits.