Meet Frank Herbertz

Meet the CEO

In these podcasts, which are part three & four of six before The Sales Conference on November 19th, you will meet Frank Herbertz. Frank has over 25 years of experience in our industry, and regularly meets companies all over the world who want to develop in sales.

Few people have the same experience as Frank in this area. He gives us some instructive sales memories, successful ones and also tells the story about the business which was spent hundreds of hours on – but which in fact never existed. Looking forward, Frank discuss the latest and upcoming trends within sales development and training – an industry in hyper transformation.


Listen to the podcasts with Frank Herbertz, CEO of Mercuri International.

The Sales Conference

The Sales Conference is the yearly event which guides leaders into the future of sales with inspiration and insights. The conference offers lectures with some of the worlds best speakers. Brought to you by Mercuri International & ProSales.