Mercuri International Strengthens Sales Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot Capabilities with Strategic Partnership

June 3, 2020 Mercuri announces the conclusion of a strategic partnership with Emplay Inc. Mercuri has been developing AI-enabled sales enablement solutions over the last year with Emplay Inc and sees the Strategic Partnership as a way to bring Chatbot Learning and AI Sales Diagnostics to our customers. Mercuri considers this a strong fit with our core approach.

Sancita Sur, CEO Emplay: “We are extremely excited to partner with Mercuri to bring together a unique blend of Sales Excellence IP and Sales AI to our customers. While our Sales AI platform provides an in-depth understanding of the root causes of non-performance and delivers personalized recommendations to sales representatives on what to do, Mercuri’s deep sales expertise and content show them how to do it, along with best-in-class action flows upon which to act.

In a world of content overload and attention deficit, Emplay’s Conversational AI-powered Digital Learning Assistants provide a unique experience, wherein learners can ask natural language questions to get answers in the flow of work. Now, learners have the ability to learn, practice, and apply Mercuri’s vast Sales Learning IP via a simple conversational interface, to convert learning into action.”

Robert Box, Strategic Partnership Manager and Global Account Director, Mercuri International: “Our customers need data-based sales enablement and cost-effective tools to develop teams. We are enthusiastic about the benefits the strategic partnership will bring for our customers. By combining Mercuri’s global reach and sales expertise with Emplay’s Artificial intelligence and chatbot capabilities in a strong strategic partnership, we will continue to add value for our customers in new and innovative ways.”

Henk van de Kuijt, Global Director International Business, Mercuri International: “Combined we can offer our customers globally innovative, future-ready and proven Mercuri AI solutions on top of our extensive digital and Instructor Led Virtual Delivery capability.”

Both companies are highly complementary, with Emplay bringing the technical expertise and sales AI platform/capabilities and Mercuri International its global presence and sales expertise. This will extend our combined global capability, enabling our customers’ sales excellence and empowering people to reach their full potential.

About Emplay

Emplay is a Sales and Learning AI company that helps organizations diagnose and solve performance problems via data and conversation science.

Emplay’s award-winning Learner Success Management solutions provide Inquiry-Based Learning (10%), Data-Driven Coaching (20%), and Automated Execution Support (70%) via a single conversational experience.

Emplay is leading the digital innovation space with its unique Guided Selling and Autonomous Selling Solutions.


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Henk van de Kujit, Global Director International Business
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