The Future State of Sales report arrives on the 18 of November

“85% of business executives say that customer value orientation is the most critical trend for future success”

On November 18, to tie-in with their widely anticipated ‘The Sales Conference’ event, Mercuri International Research (formerly ProSales) will be releasing ‘The Future State of Sales’, a detailed exploration of the trends shaping the industry. 

The report, a collaboration with SalesOnly and Scrive, is based on interviews with over 1000 business leaders in 30 countries. It is an ambitious snapshot of an industry that has had to evolve faster than at any point in recent history, covering key contributing factors such as the role of new technologies, changing working practices, and shifts in cultural expectations. 

And the #1 trend? The business-critical nature of customer value orientation in future success. As Mercuri International’s Henrik Larsson-Broman notes:

“Customer Value Orientation – the challenge of moving from a product-centric to a buyer-centric sales organization – has for a long time been an increasing challenge and is now a top priority for most B2B organizations. The reason is simply that Sales has become more complex and that customers expect more from their suppliers. They need suppliers who can create customer unique solutions, bring new insights based on trends and research, educate and inspire the customer to change and not least anticipate a customer’s future problems. These are challenges that need to be addressed in order to survive in a tougher business landscape.”

The report’s many other areas of exploration include:

  • The increasingly challenging nature of talent recruitment
  • The impact of technological disruptors
  • The rise of remote working and selling

As SalesOnly’s CEO Jenny Berge remarks:

“The digital transition that has accelerated in recent years has affected and continues to affect the entire sales landscape. Through the insights brought by the study, we have gained a deeper understanding of how we can help our clients find and recruit salespeople and sales leaders who contribute to competitiveness both now and in the future.”

The report has produced a detailed study of today’s business landscape that is essential reading for business leaders looking to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges and will be released in conjunction with The Sales Conference on November 18.

“Our partnership with SalesOnly and Scrive provides valuable insights into what the market is looking for and what future recruitment needs look like. It is a favorable cooperation that is value-driving for all parties and for business in general”, says Henrik Larsson-Broman.


Frank Herbertz, CEO
Mercuri International Group

Daniela Vidakovic Lundin, Global Marketing Manager
Mercuri International Group