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Changing the Conversation in Logistics Sales & Service

Out of Control External Factors Impacting Logistics Services Success

In the Logistics Services World, no matter what the providers’ role is, there is no question about the myriad of entities and events “out there” impacting top and bottom line success. Whether these “External Factors” are global politics, resulting tariffs, carrier-forwarder integrations, Brexit, the trucking crisis, varying pricing-booking platforms, or IMO 2020 fuel regulations, …so much of it seems to be out of our control.

Internal Factors You Can Control

As many players in the market are distracted by these external factors and nobly  trying to navigate with ever-changing operational and financial strategies, there are some who are also choosing to take a solid look at overhauling the way they interact with prospects and clients. This in an “Internal Factor” that is solidly within our control.

Changing the Conversation

There are many behavioral and process changes that can be made in both sales and customer-service arena to enhance interaction with clients, many of which revolve around one key concept – Changing the Conversation.

Sales Professionals, Service Professionals, and even their Customers, are so used to, and comfortable with, the Transactional Conversation, it has become the expected norm in the logistics world. “How many Cubes or Containers?”,  “Origins and Destinations?”, “What Price do you Need?”,  “Let me see if I can do that for you?”

What if we could totally change that way of interacting? What if we could break that habit  and Change that Conversation – to one of higher level objectives, – to one of complete solutions, – to one of co-creating value with the client?

Speak to us about Differentiating Yourself from the Competition

Mercuri has proven that this can dramatically change the way prospects and clients look at the sales/service reps and ultimately differentiates many Logistics Service Organizations from their competitors.

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