Key Account Management

Key Account Management

Achieving excellence in Key Account Management has become more complex and more significant in ensuring growth excellence. This is why Mercuri International and University of St. Gallen in Switzerland have joined forces to develop a complete Key Account Management methodology.

Our KAM methodology

A Key Account Management system is crucial for effective management of a company’s key accounts. This involves aligning corporate strategy with key account thinking, setting SMART key account objectives, conducting ongoing planning and measurement, understanding the key account’s decision-making team, and turning key information into company intelligence. Successful Key Account Management also involves managing the unique relationship with key accounts, identifying opportunities, delivering solutions, communicating value, creating an effective account business plan, and handling challenging situations with grace.

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Key Account Manager

It’s personal…

The world of sales has recently undergone a rapid evolution, driven by both technological disruptors and seismic changes in working techniques – and locations. Your Key Accounts are the core of your business – so how do you keep it personal in an increasingly remote world? Take the assessment to find out if you’re up to speed with KAM!

Key Account Management Tips

Some quick tips to get you started

To get the most out of Key Account Management, you need to have a clearly defined process and structure. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started on your path to KAM success.


This program aims to guide Salespeople when managing important customers, also known as Key Accounts. This path allows them to implement a customer-focused strategy not just to secure the existing business, but also to grow new, exciting business with the Account.

  • Gain account insights by analyzing customer market, competition, objectives, and needs.
  • Manage relationships with decision-makers in the account through consistent and meaningful engagement.
  • Identify opportunities and develop strategies to position your solution and deliver value based on customer needs.
  • Continuously review and adapt your account plan with useful information and best practices to improve results.



Learn how to succeed in Key Account Management and understand the importance of customer and relationship analysis for gaining account insights.


Set SMART objectives and define your strategy. Learn then how to position yourself strategically and identify and generate opportunities.


Develop a value proposition, also using storytelling to engage your audience. Learn also how to manage challenging situations with different tests and methods.


What is (key) account management?

Key Account Management (KAM) is the process of creating and overseeing a mutually advantageous partnership between an organization and its crucial clients.

What does a (Key/Global) Account Manager do?

Account Manager is in charge of taking care of their clients who are, at times, in different areas or regions. Global account managers look at the company’s sales performance and recommend action steps to improve performance.



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