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Technology is transforming the world of sales. To stay competitive, companies need to prepare their sales teams with training that responds faster than ever to this ever-changing landscape.

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Mercuri DLC
Future proof your business

To turn the challenges of tomorrow into opportunities requires a new kind of thinking. Mercuri DLC is a smarter way for your business to stay ahead of the curve. Browse from the options below to learn more about how your teams can achieve Sales Excellence.

Free e-book

Free e-book

Technology is fundamentally changing the way we buy - at an unprecedented pace. In our e-book we look at what it'll take for sales to catch up and examine not just the challenges but the opportunities presented by this brave new world.

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What is DLC?

Mercuri International Digital Learning Center is a fully integrated digital learning experience, with comprehensive off-the-shelf content library and engaging customized content.


Challenges & Gamification
Emotional Attachment


Specific Roles & Skills
Real Situations & Challenges
Implementation Tips


Mobile Friendly, Flexible & Efficient
Short, Effective & Learner Driven
Topic Based


Innovative & Immersive Experience
Original Graphic Design
Imagination, Not Imitation

How can mercuri digital learning
center help you?

Traditional training solutions are slow to react to changes in sales culture. Mercuri International’s DLC is modular and flexible, adapting fast to new challenges and trends.

Engaging, modular content is available either off-the-shelf or tailored to your sales teams’ specific needs, ensuring that every solution is a perfect fit for your company.


Artificial vs. Emotional Intelligence? How to stay relevant in the machine age...

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By the numbers - a look at the changing face of the way we buy and sell...

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Want to stay competitive? Take a look at the current training trends...

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Who we are

Who we are & what value we offer

The sales performance experts who enable sales excellence through people and process development. We offer customized solutions to increase sales results and achieve sales excellence for our clients.

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Free e-book


Technology. Friend or enemy? Challenge or opportunity? We explore how digital innovation can either liberate or eliminate the workforce of the future - and what the world of sales needs to understand if it's to stay competitive...

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