Sales Activity Management

Sales Activity Management

It’s not just about evaluating the final revenue of an individual – results alone do not tell you much about how you got there, and that could be misleading. It’s about taking that one piece of information and really diving deep into what it means and analysing all the aspects that contributed to achieving that particular revenue result.

Learn a new way of working that will help you repeat past successes and/or correct your actions when results are disappointing by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your (team) sales activities. Take your sales activity management to the next level and plan for future success.


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This program gives you a structured model to analyse and manage your sales activities to improve your sales results. The programme is based on Mercuri’s RAC-PASS model through which you’ll learn that:

  • Results are a consequence of the salesperson’s portfolio
  • On which some Activities are performed based on personal Competences
  • By analysing all these components, it is possible to develop a Plan of Action that also includes a Support and Supervision program.



Understand the RPAC-PASS methodology by analysing sales results and measuring their proximity to the target.


Objectively analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio and understand how to improve the sales activities effectiveness.


Discover the key competences to be developed for achieving your sales results and create a Sales Action Plan for carrying out the target results.

sales activity management – quick answers

What does a sales manager do?

Sales manager is responsible for leading and heading a team of sales representatives. Beyond recruiting and training new members, sales manager sets sales goals, analyzes data and creates training programs for salespeople.

What are sales representatives?

Individuals who interact directly with customers and aim to persuade them to buy a product or service from their company.

What is the difference between a sales concept and a sales strategy?

The sales concept lays the foundation for the strategy, outlining key elements such as the customer buying and selling journey, control processes, and organizational structure for the sales process.

What is the difference between distribution sale and sales?

Distribution sale refers to selling a product through a distribution channel, such as a wholesaler or retailer, rather than directly to the end consumer. Sales, on the other hand, refers to the overall process of selling a product or service, which can include distribution sales as well as direct sales to consumers.

What is the modern concept of sales?

The modern sales concept typically incorporates a customer-centric approach, which means putting the needs and wants of the customer at the forefront of the sales process. It includes using data and analytics to understand customer behaviour and preferences and using technology to personalise the sales experience.



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