How FESTOOL achieved Sales Excellence with Mercuri International

Revitalizing sales strategy: a journey towards sales excellence in a changing market

Festool is known as a global premium manufacturer of power tools and systems for professional craftsmen. Festool has been successful in the market for over 90 years and is characterised by a high degree of customer orientation. But due to changes in the global market, as well as customers, they needed to rethink and find a way to Sales Excellence.


The client says:

“The process of constantly striving for excellence in sales is a complex and large subject area. It cannot simply be dealt with “overnight”.

Dr. Herwig Mehrwald, Head of Global Sales Festool GMBH

The challenge

The challenge Festool was facing were the internationalisation of trade connected to their dealers, changes in dealer and customer behaviours due to digitalisation and getting their unique values across to the end customer.


The solution

With the aim of improving sales and establishing a premium distribution, Festool launched the Sales Excellence Programme in 2013. It comprised of two dimensions, Channel Management and Sales Force Management, which focused on optimizing processes and enhancing sales effectiveness.


The result

In 2016, Festool collaborated with Mercuri International to offer Festoolspecific training courses globally. The program has delivered over 250 courses across 20 countries. Regular training with Mercuri trainers is a crucial component of Festool’s Sales Excellence initiative.



According to DR. Herwig Mehrwald Head of Global Sales – FESTOOL GMBH: “Our executives are a key factor in our Sales Excellence program! Without their active participation, support and follow-up of the programme and its respective focus topics, the chances of success are rather low.”



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