How to Become a Better Negotiator

How to Become a Better Negotiator

This learning path will give you the answers and much more. Improve your negotiation skills by understanding the different stages in a negotiation process and how to treat them. To effectively handle the complete negotiation process, discover this interactive learning path and become a better negotiator!

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It’s essential to consider the negotiation as a process, not as an isolated event. This course guides participants through all the different stages of the negotiation process – from preparation to bargaining, through discussion and proposing phases.

  • Prepare for negotiation, applying the five principles of The Harvard Negotiation Concept and defining a strategy based on variables like costs and value and customers’ needs and wants.
  • Establish credibility by presenting critical information and building strong relationships. Understand then the negotiation elements’ value and clearly define positions and interests.
  • Draft a proposal that evaluates the worth of the proposition to the client, the urgency of executing the solution, the adjustable and non-adjustable aspects, and the client’s stance and priorities.
  • Reach a final agreement based on good preparation, discussion and understanding of each party’s situation.



Get in touch with aspects of negotiation, deciding on the style to be adopted and keeping prerequisites in mind. Then concretise your preparation with the five Principles of The Harvard Negotiation Concept and detailed analysis in a win-win logic.


Deepen positions and interests and clarify them if necessary. Then gain credibility during the process, so you arrive at the next stage with a stronger bond with your customers.


To achieve successful negotiations, be flexible, understand the areas of possible agreement, propose alternatives, make concessions as needed, and clearly understand the power balance between parties.

Negotiation training – quick answers

What is negotiation training?

Training that will teach you various techniques to master difficult negotiation situations. Essential is to understand the counterparty, as well as your own negotiation aspects. Negotiation training

What sales training formats are available?

Mercuri International is with you every step of the way to reach Sales Excellence. We deliver sales training based on your needs. Sign up for a single, individual online training path, or customize a sales training program according to your organisations needs. We offer both face to face and virtual training programs, that can be incorporated in the flow of your employees work. Read more

What do I have to consider when negotiating?

Consider your and your party’s goals, trying to find possible compromises and alternative solutions. Keep the timing and context in mind, being always conscious of your emotions. Preparation is for sure crucial.



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